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really makes you wonder why food costs money


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This phrase is a comment posted on our Youtube video about foraging fruit growing on the margins of public spaces in our neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Everyday Object, Oak Cutting Board
'really makes you wonder why food costs money'
Laser etched oak cutting board
12.5" x 19.5" x 1.25"
(David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young)
open edition , 2016

Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. Fallen Fruit began by mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles. The collaboration has expanded to include serialized public projects and site-specific installations and happenings in various cities around the world. By always working with fruit as a material or media, the catalogue of projects and works reimagine public interactions with the margins of urban space, systems of community and narrative real-time experience. Fallen Fruit’s visual work includes an ongoing series of narrative photographs, wallpapers, everyday objects and video works that explore the social and political implications of our relationship to fruit and world around us. Recent curatorial projects reindex the social and historical complexities of museums and archives by re-installing permanent collections through syntactical relationships about public space.

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