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Lipstick Lesbian Notebook


  • Image of Lipstick Lesbian Notebook
  • Image of Lipstick Lesbian Notebook

Fallen Fruit Everyday Notebooks are hand-crafted using traditional perfect bindery techniques. Made from 100% cotton heavyweight drawing paper, they are perfect for your everyday notebook and sketchbook.

This detail of the installation project called “The Last Gay Bar In America” that was commissioned by 21c Museum Hotel in 2016. It is from one of several photographic series created for Proof, the hotel’s lounge and dining rooms. Drawing from historical archives both private and public in the area of Louisville, Kentucky as it related to local LGBT histories. These portraits of Tallulah Bankhead, on the front cover, and Henrietta Bingham, on the back cover, are created from images provided by Emily Bingham.
These women had a love affair which is documented in Emily Bingham’s novel, “Irrepressible,” about Henrietta Bingham.

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